What to Bring to the Hospital When You Visit a New Mom

A new baby arrives...great fun! You want to visit the new mom and child in the hospital. W hat should you bring? Should you bring a gift there or wait until they get home? Should you get a gift for the newborn? The mom? The older sibling? Lots of questions to consider. But since I have had three children and visited many more in the hospital I'll give you some tips that worked for me.

The perfect gift while visiting the hospital is simply time. Spend time with the new mom, new baby and be sure to take a camera. My favorite newborn shots were taken in the hospital and given to me by my visitors. Looking back you can' remember how little the newborns were or who actually visited. Getting snapshots commemorating the event are great to keep and look back upon over the years as the little one grows up. A special gift indeed! Spend time holding the little one giving mom a needed break ¦while at the hospital. Send dad out for coffee or give him a chance to run home and shower. If you have time give it willingly to the new family. Food is always a good gift too when you visit the hospital! Snacks for the room are handy and chocolate chip cookies are good for mom, dad and other siblings who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies?

\"new Mom\"

When the new mom gets home the best gift to bring is a meal or a cleaning lady. New moms are too busy to cook and clean and having someone do that for them is such a relief! Of course, cute little sleepers or outfits are good too. If there are siblings at home you may want to consider a little something for the older sibling--coloring book, ball, jump rope; something that will keep the older brother or sister occupied while mom takes care of the newborn. Personalized gifts are especially good if the newborn has brothers or sisters. It's nice to have something new and just for them and putting their name on it makes it extra special.

What to Bring to the Hospital When You Visit a New Mom

As you can see little things are the best gifts to give new moms and tots time, food, an outfit; whatever fits your budget. As always, it's the thought that counts in gift giving!

What to Bring to the Hospital When You Visit a New Mom

Mary McNeil

President K and M Stores, Inc.